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Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Fools Mask (Song Hype)

 Song Hype

Meet Again Some Day - Completed in March 2015. It is a very catchy and playful Rockabilly/Folk love song. I am positive that this song will be track #1 on the new CD. My vocals are very smooth and easy to listen to. I lost a few loved ones in 2015, so there is a bit of a double meaning to the song, which adds to the surreal vibe that it projects. Just one month prior, I got a new Taylor Acoustic guitar as a gift from one of the deceased (I love that guitar!) and it made its debut on this song. The story line of this song is exceptional and it is very melodic from start to finish. This song fits perfectly under the category of the heavenly virtue patience.

That Voice In My Head - Completed in July 2015. This song is a very cool and unique retro Rocker with a bit of a British Rock vibe. I used a laid back vocal approach, which goes along well with the tentativeness of the story line. The song is about seeing a person that you are are attracted to, but not being able to get out of  your own head long enough to walk up and say hello. This song fits well under the category of the heavenly virtue humility.

Ghoulash - Completed in October 2015. How's that for a unique song title! This song is an instrumental. Sometimes when I write I like to just dive in head first with no prearranged game plan and allow creativity to take over. This song is a ghastly mash up different styles and tastes all thrown into a big bowl and cooked to perfection along with some brains and a few other freakish oddities. The song features a Hip Hop drum kit, melodic/hyptnotic driving bass, eerie guitar musings, a little splash of Blues and some exploding Grungy chorus sections. This song has a lot of stop and go moments, which represents turmoil/confusion and erupts into dramatic outbursts in the chorus sections. What this his song technically symbolizes is a battle of conscience between the deadly sins and the heavenly virtues. Are you hungry?
Shake For Me Now - Completed in May 2017. This song originally appeared as track #2 on my Like The Freak You Are CD (2005, 9 songs). The song is centered around a strip club and is sung from the perspective of a mobster with a conscience. I originally wrote the song while watching the final season of The Sopranos. Once I came up with the concept for this new album, I knew that Shake For Me Now had to be a part of it. The strip club theme fits perfectly into the lust category. By having a conscience, the lead character is also showing that he is battling the deadly sin pride.

No More Lonely Nights Completed in March 2016 (took 9 months to finish!). I am very proud of how this song has developed and I am positive it will become a huge hit. It features an ultra catchy chorus section and some exceptional lead vocals. This is basically a love song where the main character has done something terrible (like maybe hanging out in the strip clubs as referenced in the previous song, or maybe he is guilty of adultery ... the deadly sin lust, or something much worse) and wants to make things right so that there will be no more lonely nights. It is a very catchy/picturesque song with a touch of a melancholy island vibe. By showing remorse, this song represents the heavenly virtue humility. The person who is being sung to in this song, will have the option of either acting out with the deadly wrath, or the heavenly virtues patience & kindness. There is also a good chance that the heavenly virtue chastity will come into play. Speaking of patience, this song took nearly 8 months to complete. It is one of the best vocals that I have ever recorded.

 Best Days Of Your Life - Completed in April 2016. This song originally appeared on my Crazy Like A Fox CD (2010/11, 13 songs). It is a very catchy Retro Rockabilly/Punk Rocker that features some kick ass lyrics and unforgettable lead guitar. The chorus section for this song is one of the catchiest that I have ever written! It is a very fun and upbeat song from stat to finish. The tune will take you back in time to the good old days of jukeboxes, vinyl 45's, muscle cars, dime bags, fuzzy dice and switchblade knives. Who knows? Maybe that really was the best days of your life. I am surely acting on the heavenly virtue of kindness, by deciding to dust off this hidden gem and share it with everyone.This song also has modern day relevance because it references marijuana (dime bag) as being used as medicine. I suppose there are many out there who would consider this shameful act to be a sin and they may even act out with the deadly sin wrath. 

Snake Oil Completed in October 2016. This song will fit perfectly under the category of the deadly sin greed. It centers around a person playing the role of a prophet who is promising to help/save people, but his only true ambition is making moneyThis is a very relevant topic for modern times and a perfect platform to portray the never ending battle between good and evil. The term snake oil salesman refers to a person (charlatan/shyster) who is knowingly selling a fraudulent product. In the old days, the term referred to the traveling medicine shows where miracle cures/elixirs where peddled in grand celebratory fashions. In modern times, the term is most often used to describe the pharmaceutical industry. This song features an amazing saxophone track by Butch Thomas (Sting, Lenny Kravitz). Butch is also featured in 2 songs on my The Hollywood Blacklist Cd. 

 Everything - Completed in April 2016. This song originally appeared on my demo release Songs from The Gallery (2001, 9 songs). This song centers around the deadly sin of greed. It is a semi-simple tune, but very effective! It will probably be one of the signature songs on the album because it references a mask in the chorus section (The Fools Mask). This is one of the most theatrical songs on the album. Besides singing the song, I am also using my lower register voice to play the role of the devil! How many songs can make that claim to fame? Here are the lyrics in the chorus section ... "Give me a mask and a pot of gold. I'll give you my conscience and my soul. Give me a shelter, with the whole world at my feet. And I'll give you everything". This is where the devil voice comes in and says "I want Everything". Choose your path wisely, there are consequences for your decisions!!

The Freaks Waltz - Completed in May 2016. This song originally appeared as track #7 on my Folklore & Superstitions CD (2013, 15 songs). I had originally planned on doing a remake of Guilty, but this song is a much better choice. The album needed another instrumental to breaks things up and this one is perfect! It has a bit of Godfather-ish main groove and plenty of mischievous twists and turns along the way to keep you well entertained. The song is a bit creepy at times and may even be best described as a strange and twisted nightmare. As far as where this songs fits into the concept of the album .... that's for you to decide!

If Only For A While - Completed in October 2016. This is a very unique song idea that is inspired by 2 true life experiences that I encountered. One situation was honest and respectful but grew out of the most unlikely of circumstances, the other was a friendship that turned into something ugly and vindictive. Both created kind of a unique heaven and hell scenario, which fits perfectly with the theme of this album. The song is about sharing a brief innocent and loving moment with someone, but knowing that real life circumstances make the chance of it growing into anything else very unlikely. The theme of the song centers around honesty, maturity and being able to respect a friendship first. Everything doesn't always have to be 'all or nothing' right away. Patience truly is a virtue when it comes to relationships. In some cases, love is just a moment .... If Only For A While. In other cases, it could mean so much more. This song is also represented by the heavenly virtues of humility and kindness. On the other side, there is also the potential that the deadly sin of wrath may come into play.

One Crazy Night - Completed in April 2017. This is another song that is somewhat based on a real life experience. Meeting somewhat under circumstances where both people are in their mess and at their worst (darkness, deadly sin of lust), but it ultimately leads to them getting to know each other at their best (light). The song is sung in a melancholy manner, which represents humility and centers around the hope that they will meet again some day. This is where the heavenly virtue of patience comes into play. 

Shady Deal - Completed in October 2016. This song is a perfect example of the deadly sin lust. It originally appeared on The Hollywood Blacklist Cd and it features an unbelievable lead guitar track by Dennis Stadelman. The song is technically about falling for the charms of a person with a questionable reputation (a black widow, prostitute, etc). I thought it was a clever move to put this song after One Crazy Night. In a matter of speaking, maybe all the patience and waiting led the character to slip back into the darkness and the deadly sin of lust. I like the back and forth, battle of conscience vibe. It fits in perfectly with albums theme. 

Alone With You - Completed in December 2016. I wanted to end the album on a positive note and this was the perfect way to do it. This song originally appeared on The Hollywood Blacklist Cd. It is a fun and catchy love song with a bit of a Buddy Holly groove and mood. It make take a bit of patience and humility, but love prevails. As mentioned in the inner album sleeve 'Never lose faith in love and miracles'.

The Damage Is Done (Bloodline) - Completed in January 2017. Around Thanksgiving 2016 I had something amazing happen to me. I was accepted to do a background acting role on the Netflix series Bloodline!! Needless to say, I am a HUGE fan of this series. I will be in the background of 6 scenes in episode 4, appearing as one of Kevin Rayburn's boat yard employees (I may also be appearing in more episodes in the future). My experiences with the show led me to come up with a new song titled The Damage Is Done. This series goes along perfectly with the concept of my new CD. Murder, family secrets, drugs and the battle of conscience. The deadly sin of wrath is very dominant throughout the series.

Picture of me on the set of Bloodline. Working as one of Kevin Rayburn's boat yard employees

CD Sampler Video for The Fools Mask


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