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Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Fools Mask (Introduction)

"One of Tampa Bays most creative and successful underground songwriters"

 Hello and Thank You for stopping by. This blog will center around my 6th Independent album release The Fools Mask. My name is Brian Fox (aka Foxman) and I am an artist/songwriter from the Tampa Bay area. I created my small business/record label Foxman Music in 2001 and I currently have 5 album releases to my credit (4 regular releases and 1 demo). Over the years I have built up a very loyal global following of kick ass down to Earth music fans. I have become best known for being a creative writer who tends to cover multiple musical genres (Pop, Rock, Blues, Punk, Folk, Metal, Country, etc). I employ a Hollywood approach to many of my songs, which means that I don't always write from my own eyes and life experiences. This approach allows each song has its own unique storyline and perspective. Some of my song themes include; mafia, CIA/spies, freemasons, vagrancy, money, greed, battle between good and evil, doppelgangers, vampires, hauntings, nostalgia, death, karma, lucky voodoo, faith, killer priests, addictions, corrupt politicians, urban decay and much more. With the exception of a few guest appearances, everything you hear in my music is all me. I do all my own vocals and play all my own instruments (guitar, bass, keys and percussion). I am also responsible for all recordings and the albums graphic designs. For more information (song lyrics, music videos, song/album hype, links, quotes, CD sales, etc), please make sure to visit the coolest Independent Music website on the planet at:

Foxman Music Discography

1) Songs From The Gallery (2001, 9 song demo)
2) Like The Freak You Are (2005, 9 songs)
3) Crazy Like A Fox (2010/11, 13 songs)
4) Folklore & Superstitions (2013, 15 songs)
5) The Hollywood Blacklist (2015, 17 songs) 

6) The Fools Mask (2017, 14 songs)

I know that I have a lot of music to choose from and things can get to be a bit overwhelming. Please don't get discouraged! I recently released a 2 part Foxman Theatre video series which will take you inside the madness that is Foxman Music. Both of these videos contain live commentary, live performances, news and much more. These videos are the perfect way to get familiar with myself and my music. I am an animated person in real life, so I guarantee you will also find the videos to be very entertaining.

The Hollywood Blacklist was released in early 2015 and is the crowning achievement of my entire career as a songwriter. The CD contains 17 songs, nearly one full hour of groundbreaking music, ultra-creative song themes and some very notable guest appearances, which include world class saxophonist Butch Thomas (Sting, Lenny Kravitz, Jaco Pastorius) and guitar virtuoso Dennis Stadelman (CoPe). The new album has been garnering me a ton of attention and accolades and is already receiving regular airplay at WMNF 88.5 FM in Tampa Bay (call in #: 813-239-9663). This is the CD Sampler Video For The Hollywood Blacklist. The video contains 30-50 sound clips of all 17 songs, plus plenty of theatrical/freaky photographs and effects to keep you well entertained along the way.

How about an extra little treat! One of my most successful and recognized songs is the haunting love song Sweet Adelaide. This song is a chilling venture into the realm of immortality and painful loss. The music video for this song is an absolute must see!! It is easily my most popular and professional music video ever released. Exceptional filming (Kevin Killelea), settings and story line. It's an absolute classic! In the words of one of my fans "Hitchcock reincarnated". Huge Special Thanks to my friends Kevin & Ann Killelea and Steve & Linda Norsen.

Well, now that you have had a chance to get familiar with me and my various album releases, I have some huge news to share. As part of my War Against Greed campaign, all of my music (4 CD's/52 songs) is currently available as free downloads at CD Baby!! This is my way of saying Thank You for your friendship and support. Just click the link below and let the fun begin.


Still feeling overwhelmed and unsure? I have written/released 64 songs total and there is a lot to choose from. Here is a list of some of my most popular and downloaded songs. City Streets (about a homeless person who has lost everything and is holding on to the memory of a lost love because it is all he has left), Same Old Troubles (my big band New Orleans lucky voodoo song), Under The Weather (a fun/catchy, melancholy break up song), Sweet Adelaide (a chilling venture into the realm of immortality and painful loss), The Freaks Waltz (a kick ass and entertaining instrumental), Ne'er Do Well (about a hobo who is questioning his faith and searching for signs to help him on his way), Terrible Tale (about a priest who has committed murder, served 20 yrs in prison and is returning home to try and make things right. Features Butch Thomas on saxophone), Halfway To Memphis (a fun venture down the crossroads, also features Butch Thomas on saxophone), Alone With You (a fun Rockabilly love song), Time's A Real Drag (a venture into the seedier side of city life), Shake For Me Now (Rockin strip club song. There will be a version of this song on The Fools Mask), Shadows (an ominous instrumental about the ongoing battle between good and evil), Wilderness Of Mirrors (CIA/spy song. All lyrics are made up of doublespeak and spy terms), Where's The Sun (a bloodthirsty vampire song), Hard Times (one of my heavier songs, about a mobster on the run), Last Resort (an ultra catchy retro/Pop song. Written while I was in Chicago for The Voice audition in January 2014), Old Highway (biker song), Going On The Run (A Punk Rock masterpiece), Same Song (one of my favorites. About life and contemplation and hearing a song on the radio that takes you back), C'mon Tampa Bay (dedicated to the Tampa Bay Rays and their quest for a pennant), Best Days Of Your Life (a kick ass retro Rocker about the good old days and feeling nostalgic. There will be a remake of this song on The Fools Mask), Shady Deal (about falling for the wrong type of girl/prostitute. Features guitar virtuoso Dennis Stadelman) and Caroline (about finding a former love living on on the streets)

If you would like to  purchase physical copies of my CD's, then I have some more huge news to share. I am currently selling a Foxman Box Set (pictured above). All 4 CD's for just $15!! S&H fees are free for all orders in the USA and I will also gladly sign/date all copies for no extra fee. This is the absolute best offer that I can possibly make. The Foxman Box Set is available at the following websites
 (Pay Pal approved/major credit cards accepted). 

Some of my high end/low end collages are also available at my art studio

The Fools Mask 
You did it!! Now that you are all caught up with my past accomplishments it is time to move on to my future ones. In March 2015, I began working on my 6th independent album release The Fools Mask. If all goes well, this new CD will be released at some point in 2017. There is no doubt in my mind, that this new album will one day be regarded as one of the most groundbreaking Independent releases EVER!! I have been writing/releasing my own CD's for nearly 15 years now and I am very confident about what I am capable of doing. Of course I can't do it alone and I am going to need all of you to help me out. For songwriters like myself, word of mouth means everything. Hopefully you will all believe in what I am doing and you will share the news, free downloads and music videos with others. I have created this blog to help keep everyone up to date on my progress with the new CD. Thanks Again & Keep Rockin!! 

 Promo picture for The Hollywood Blacklist

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