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Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Fools Mask (Promotions)

The truth is, that you can write and release one of the best albums ever, but if you don't know how to promote it you are just going to spin your wheels and never get anywhere. People aren't going to flock to you just because you are a songwriter who can write kick ass music. There are millions upon millions of bands out there on a global scale doing the same exact thing that you are doing and they are all fighting to win over the same fans. In the beginning I used to get frustrated by everything, but I quickly learned that the adversity was going to help me to become a more savvy businessman. By that same logic, the more that I can learn how to do on my own, the less I will have to pay someone else to do it. One of my ideas was to create my own designer promo flyers. It is one thing to go to a social media page and share a post with a bunch of words and an active link (free downloads, home website, music videos, etc), it is another to share a kick ass promo flyer with an active link! People get tired of words, they spend most of their days staring at words and the last damn thing that they want to do is stare at more words! The designer promo flyers are a colorful and witty alternative. They catch peoples eyes and tempt their curiosities. Once you have captured a persons attention, it is common sense that they are also more apt to check out the link you are sharing. Enough babbling! This page will be reserved for designer promo flyers that I have created to help promote The Fools Mask. If you see one you like, don't sit there and gawk at it, grab it and share it with others! Then you can all sit there and gawk at it together.

October 24, 2015 - The Fools Mask Promo Flyer #1 - This flyer represents the type of theme that I will be working towards in the graphic design for the front cover of the new album. This is a very effective, intense and thought provoking promo flyer. It is also a perfect example of the strategy that I mentioned in the opening statement for this post. The mask, album title and kick ass color scheme catch your eye first. Then you are pulled in a bit more when you notice the deadly sins, heavenly virtues and the bloodied church image in the background (depth). Once the viewer has focused in on the image, they then learn that this is the 6th Independent album release by FOXMAN, the album will be released in 2017, there is music available at CD Baby (where they'll find all the free downloads) and that my home website is located at